Eurometropool Nocturne Tours
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Na eerdere succesvolle edities van deze avondlijke run bieden wij u nu de kans om te genieten van de drie parels die de Eurometropool rijk is. Zo trekken we nu naast Kortrijk ook naar het prachtige Doornik en in 2016 idyllische Rijsel.

Zowel de competitieve loper als de recreant loopt langsheen de prachtige historische gebouwen. Ontdek de stad van een andere kant, nieuwe unieke locaties maar laat u vooral onderdompelen in de gezellige sfeer, in een mix van muziek en lichtspektakel. En dit alles tegen een achtergrond van de ondergaande zon!
Op deze site vindt u alle concrete info in verband met de verschillende evenementen die tevens ook deel uitmaken van de Lampiris Green Tour.
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19 juni 2015: Doornik “HIER INSCHRIJVEN
27 juni 2015: Kortrijk  “HIER INSCHRIJVEN
Zomer 2016: Rijsel.


Where & When

2015 we go again with a new course starts! Even more by the center and again very surprising. So we make 2015 again part of the Lampiris Green Tour. This criterion, supported by Zatopek Magazine, consists of six games, including three in Flanders and three in Wallonia.

We continue on the successful path with the known concept. There are several innovations in the planning that we will soon make known worldwide.

There are several new features in the pipeline. So definitely worth to read.
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Kortrijk : June 27
Bruges : Date Later
& What

When night falls slowly, a convoy of hundreds of runners retires going past a unique trail of 5, 10 or 15km through the historic city center of Kortrijk, Bruges and Ypres. Along the trail we will immerse participants into a unique atmosphere in which music, light and sporting experience are key.

Also in 2014, both the competitive runner and holidaymakers enjoy a beautiful trip along the beautiful illuminated buildings and squares that these historic cities are rich. The supporters can on this quiet evening enjoying the many outdoor cafes and cozy atmosphere around the track.

For the second time some evening walk together into one melodious criterion: the Midzomerrun. An important factor throughout this criterion is that with the different organizations (beside vzw natuurpunt) even more support several charities.

Midzomerrun also part of the Zatopek Urban Tour which spans several major national and international runs. Through this partnership, we can offer you in this city a wonderful spectacle of a very high level.

All necessary information you can find on this site.

2013 & 2014
How it was?
The two editions in 2013 and 2014 were a very big success!
Kortrijk so resolutely continues with a trail of 95% through the center of the city and the rest goes along the Leie (2015 year vd Leieboorden).